2019年度 日本語講座(黒髪北第2・3回)開講 Japanese Language Course for Beginners (Aug. – Sept. 2019) at Kurokami North Campus

Call for applications – Special Japanese Language Course for interested students, researchers and faculty and their spouses.

College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies will hold a special Japanese Language Course for Beginners.

Morning Class is for those who have never learned  Japanese language before.  Afternoon Class is for those who have taken the Japanese Language Course (Marugoto A1 Chapter1-10) before.  For Afternoon class applicants, there will be a selection held on Wednesday, August 9 at 13:00 in a classroom on the second floor of the General Education Building in the Kurokami North Campus.

Please see the poster and the calendar below for the details and apply online with online form.

Poster 【PDF: 683KB】

Class Calendar【PDF:402KB 】