Division for Multilingual and Cultural Education

 The Division for Multilingual and Cultural Education consists of the faculties of English, German, French, Chinese, Korean and Japanese language from the departments of Literature, Law, and Education. All the faculties of this division are united as one to deal with problems and future prospects regarding the foreign language education of Kumamoto University. The division is trying to achieve sophistication and optimization of Kumamoto University’s foreign language and global education and to strongly propel the globalization of the University by the synergy of these two improvements.


Japanese Language

The Division for Multilingual and Cultural Education offers Japanese classes as below for our students and researchers.

Japanese Classes Guidebook” Spring semester 2023 (in English)  ※Application starts from April 3, 2023


Kumamoto University Japanese Class levels

Japanese Language Classes

Undergraduate students, including students in the Short-Term Exchange Program and students in the Japanese Studies Program students may enroll in most of these classes for academic credits. The classes are also available to audit as non-credit for graduate students, special auditors/special research students in graduate schools, research students, and researchers.


Registration information by student status


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Intensive Japanese Course

This non-credit course is for “Intensive Japanese Course for Japanese Government Scholarship students”, “Teacher-Training students”, and “Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship students.”




Japanese Language Course for Beginners

This non-credit course is designed to help obtain the basic Japanese language skills required in daily lives for Kumamoto University students, researchers and their spouses.


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