For Those Wishing to Study at Kumamoto University

Kumamoto University is one of the oldest universities in Japan. For more than 100 years, Kumamoto University has been a center of culture, contributing to the development of technologies and the Japanese education system.

Kumamoto University currently consists of 7 faculties, 8 graduate schools and 18 research centers/institutes where a wide range of educational and research activities are carried out. The campus is home to approx. 10,000 students, including around 450 overseas students who come from about 50 countries and regions, giving the campus a markedly international character.

The University also has offices overseas such as in China and Indonesia, as well as university-level and department-level partnerships with universities and institutes in 37 countries/regions all over the world.



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・Special Education Programs for Overseas Students

Short-Term Exchange Program
Teacher Education Program for Overseas Teachers
Japanese Studies Program

English-based Degree Programs

Japan-Korea Joint Government Scholarship Program for the Students in Science and Engineering Departments

Graduate Students Supported by Chinese Government Graduate Student Overseas Study Program

For Those Wishing to Learn Japanese language

・Support System

Tutor and Health Care
Employment Counseling
Support for Overseas Students Studying in Each Faculty

Accommodation Information

Students who Enroll in Kumamoto University

Visa Status

Useful Information for International Students