Kumamoto’s Pride

Kumamoto has many things to be proud of.
Here we introduce you to the magnificent “nature”, abundant “food” and a variety of Kumamoto’s “history and Culture”.




Kumamoto Castle

One of the three greatest castles in Japan and a symbol of Kumamoto. You may bump into Kumamoto Castle’s Omotenashi Bushotai (military commanders).


Aso Geopark

Aso Geopark has as its main feature, the caldera of Mt. Aso, one of the greatest calderas in the world. Aso Geopark became an official world Geopark member in 2014.


Aso Area as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site

In 2013, the Aso area was accredited as a Globally Important Agricultural Heritage Site.


Japan’s No.1 Groundwater City (granted the “Water for Life” UN-Water Best Practices Award in 2013) (Japanese site)

Kumamoto City is Japan’s No. 1 groundwater city, with groundwater providing 100% of citizens’ drinking water.
Kumamoto City was granted the “Water for Life” UN-Water Best Practices Award (in the water management division) in 2013 for its groundwater conservation activities.


Amakusa Christian Culture

Christianity became widespread in Amakusa during the 16th century and the area came to be known as the islands for Christians due to the tragedies of oppression on Christians and the Shimabara Rebellion.


Five Pairs of Shoes (Amakusa Treasure Island Tourism Association)

Fie young poets (Hiroshi (Tekkan) Yosano, Masao Ota, Hakushu Kitahara, Banri Hirano, Isamu Yoshii) visited Amakusa in 1907. The nature and culture that they encountered in Amakusa were vividly described in the travel writing “Five Pairs of Shoes”.


Musashi Miyamoto (Japanese site)

Musashi Miyamoto was invited to Kumamoto by Lord Tadatoshi Hosokawa in 1640 when he was 57 years old, and he spent the last 5 years of his life in Kumamoto. 
He wrote the Book of Five Rings “Gorin no sho” in Reigando Cave on Mt. Kimpo in the city.


Kumamon (Japanese site)

There are many famous people from Kumamoto, but “Kumamon” is the most well-known and popular one nationwide (or worldwide) nowadays.


Kumamoto Ramen Navi(Japanese site)

There are many fans of Kumamoto Ramen as its flavor and ingredients are slightly different from Hakata Ramen in the neighboring prefecture. Quite a few visit Kumamoto all the way from other prefectures just to eat Kumamoto Ramen.


Kokai Shopping Street (Japanese site)

This is an old-style Kumamoto shopping street just 5 minutes walk away from the Kumamoto University Kurokami Campus.


The Goko (Fifth) High School (Goko)

The former institution of Kumamoto University, the Fifth High School was founded in 1887 as one of the 5 high schools in Japan.

Yakumo Koizumi and Soseki Natsume taught students here. The red-brick school building is now publicly available as a memorial hall.