Kumamoto University will be holding an event to celebrate our new building “College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies”.

グローバル教育カレッジ棟Our new building “College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies”, which was developed as a symbolic facility of Kumamoto University’s globalized education, will be completed in the end of March, and start operation from the new semester, April this year.


To introduce our new facility, we invite you to the opening event, as shown.



The Opening Event of “College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies”
Trial Lectures and Facility Tour


You are able to experience the lectures (liberal art lectures conducted in English) given by faculty members of the College. Also, there will be the briefing session on global leader course, starting from FY2017, and the information corner on study abroad program for Kumamoto University students.


Date: Wednesday, April 6, 2016   14:30 – 17:00

Venue: College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies


Part 1: 14:30-15:00

Classroom 1A:     Trial Lecture 1: Scientific Literacy          Masami Nakata
Classroom 1B:     Trial Lecture 2: Living in a Globalized Society          Joshua Rickard
Classroom 1C:     Briefing Session on “Global Leader Course”

Classroom 1D:     Information Corner on Study Abroad Programs


15:00-15:20  Coffee Break and Facility Tour


Part 2: 15:20-15:50

Classroom 1A:     Trial Lecture 3: Music and Mind        Chan Cheong Jan
Classroom 1B:     Trial Lecture 4: What is Globalization?         Kako Koshino
Classroom 1C:     Briefing Session on “Global Leader Course”
Classroom 1D:     Information Corner on Study Abroad Programs

-17:00  Facility Tour





Scientific Literacy    中田眞佐美 教授

Controversial science policy issues, such as nuclear power development, climate change, or genetically modified food, call for open and public debate. The need for the public to participate in the debate on such complex scientific issues implies an increasingly important role in science education in preparing scientific literate citizens.

 原子力発電、気候変動、遺伝子組み替え食品 など、科学者だけでなく一般市民が議論に参加しなければいけない科学的な事柄が増え続けています。ここでは、一般市民が科学的な事柄に関 する議論に参加するための科学リテラシーの必要性について話します。

Living in a Globalized Society   Joshua Rickard 特任講師

This class will explore different cultures and societies around the world and the various social relations that have developed through globalization. Through learning about different cultures and perspectives students will be exposed to different ways of viewing the world and understanding other societies.


Music and Mind   Chan Cheong Jan 特任教授

Hidden in the sound of music is a blend of human thinking and feeling. Taking the change of sound of a string instrument in Borneo Island, sape, as an example, we shall explore what is “authentic” sound and its meaning in our life. (Live performance demonstration included)


What is Globalization?   越野香子 特任准教授

Globalization means that people in different countries have common cultural experiences by watching a Korean drama as your favorite show or drinking Frappuccino as your favorite Starbucks menu or speaking in English as a common language. In this teaching demo, we will explore how globalization impacts our lives and pros and cons of becoming one society.


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The University of Brawijaya (Indonesia) concluded a university exchange agreement with Kumamoto University

On March 3, 2016, Kumamoto University and the University of Brawijaya (Indonesia) signed a university-level academic and student exchange agreement.


The University of Brawijaya and the Faculty of Engineering, Faculty of Science, and Graduate School of Science and Technology at Kumamoto University had already concluded a faculty-level academic exchange agreement in 2011, and it has developed into a university-level agreement to expand the exchanges between the two universities. The University of Brawijava is located in Malang, a city with a population of about 800,000 people, at 90 km inland from Surabaya City in the eastern part of Java Island, Indonesia. As one of the nation’s highly-ranked academic institutions, the University has 15 faculties including the fields of social science, science, agriculture and animal husbandry, and medicine. Through this close relationship, the Graduate School of Science and Technology at Kumamoto University has been receiving many students from the University.


Rector Mohammad Bisri and six other members from the University attended a signing ceremony. Rector Bisri and President Shinji Harada at Kumamoto University signed the agreement and exchanged a firm handshake.


During the visit, Rector and his team visited the Graduate School of Science and Technology, took a site tour and exchanged opinions regarding the possibilities of student exchanges and joint researches including double degree programs.


We hope that our agreement will encourage exchanges throughout the university and develop into interactions in new areas.


Rector Bisri and President Harada

Relevant staffers from both universities

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“International Students Meet & Greet” Enjoyed by All

On February 22, during the first-ever Spring Program at Kumamoto University, high school students from around Kumamoto prefecture gathered at the 100 Year Memorial Hall on Kumamoto University’s south Kurokami campus to take part in the “International Students Meet & Greet.”


41 high school students came from 6 different schools to join the 39 international students who attended the Spring Program. The international students’ home countries included Nepal, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.


During the event, the international students first made simple self-introductions in Japanese, and then made presentations in English about their experiences with Japanese culture (namely kendo and calligraphy) and the places they visited during the Spring Program, including Yamaga, Kumamoto Castle, and Reigando. Finally, the participating students enjoyed free talking time in English. Many participating high school students reported that they “were able to have a great experience” and “enjoyed the chance to speak with foreign students”.


Kumamoto University’s Global Youth Campus project will continue to seek to provide more opportunities for the youth of Kumamoto Prefecture to experience global education and interaction with international students in the future.



English Presentations by International Students



Group Photo

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