Summer Program 2015 – International Students Experience Yukata and Tea Ceremony

Kumamoto University’s Summer Program 2015 welcomed 36 students from China, Korea, Taiwan and the U.S.A. to Kumamoto University for two weeks of university lectures, educational excursions and cultural experiences.


On August 4, the program’s participants were instructed by the Contemporary Japanese Dress Volunteer Group on how to wear yukata, traditional summer clothing. The Kumamoto University International Exchange Support Volunteer Group also assisted with the event, helping with hair and makeup and also furthering the international exchange that began with their hosting the program participants for a day of Japanese cultural experience earlier in the program.


Kumamoto University’s Tea Ceremony club provided further cultural enrichment through a demonstration of tea-making, and also provided an opportunity for the international students to take part in the ceremony.


The concerted effort and kind instruction from each volunteer group resulted in an unforgettable experience that these 36 international students will keep with them for the rest of their lives.