KUMAMOTO UNIVERSITY SUMMER PROGRAM 2015 in Japanese Call for Applications

This program has been planned in order to provide an opportunity to the undergraduate students from abroad to experience the rich culture of Japan and Kumamoto. The students will be invited for a short stay in Kumamoto, and the invitation is open to the undergraduate students studying in universities having agreement with Kumamoto University for academic or student exchange.

Date July 27 (Mon.), 2015 – August 8 (Sat.), 2015 (13 days)
Capacity 40


–  Japanese Language Classes
–  Japanese Study Classes
–  Hands-on Experience of Japanese Culture (wearing Japanese dress, preparing Japanese traditional sweets etc)
–  Field Trip
     *The schedule is subject to change.

Summer Program Brochure 2015_web.pdf (pdf 1.71MB)




–  Undergraduate students who are studying in universities with which Kumamoto University has agreement for academic or student exchange, and have been recommended by their respective universities.
–  Those who have passed N3 or higher level of Japanese Language Proficiency Test or have the same Japanese ability.
* Most of the programs will be delivered in Japanese language.
–  All participants are required to arrange travel insurance at home countries before departing to Japan.
* Participants who need to obtain a Japanese visa must return to their home countries after the completion of the program on August 8.



Participation Fee (Accommodation, breakfast, and etc fees are included):



*Kumamoto University covers the program fee (classes, culture experiences, and field trips).
The airfare and travel expenses to Kumamoto, the food expenses during your stay in Kumamoto, and the travel fee (bus fare) from the hotel to Kumamoto University to be borne by the participants.
*There is no scholarship for this program.



Application Procedure:

The person-in-charge of the university which send students to this program is requested to send the following documents to address for correspondence by email (PDF format) or by fax by May 1 (Fri.), 2014. Also, please send the original documents by airmail.



【Format 1】Application Form for Kumamoto University Summer Program 2015.doc (doc 0.18MB)

【Format 2】Letter of Recommendation.doc (doc 0.04MB)












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