University of Alberta (Canada) Delegate Visits Kumamoto University

On June 20, 2016, Dr. Katy Campbell, Dean, Ms. Mimi Hui, Executive Director of Administration & External Relations, and Mr. Mark Bell, Program Coordinator of Seminars & Events of the Faculty of Extension, University of Alberta, visited Kumamoto University(KU) and met with Professor Kazuki Takashima, Vice President for International Affairs, and Professor Tsuyoshi Usagawa, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering / Advanced Science and Technology and Graduate School of Science and Technology.


Since the signing of an academic exchange agreement in 2001, we have deepened our relationship with the University of Alberta in various ways, such as inviting researchers and faculty members from and sending ours to the university, and sending our students to participate in the English and Cultural Seminar at the University of Alberta.


During this meeting, not only did KU introduce the College of Cross-Cultural and Multidisciplinary Studies to the delegates, but also the two universities shared each other’s thoughts about ongoing and future exchange programs and agreed to further promote friendly relations.


On the same day, a presentation session was held to introduce the University of Alberta. Many of the students who are interested in the university attended this session.



From left to right: Ms. Hui; Vice President Takashima; Dr. Campbell; and Mr. Bell

From left to right: Prof. Tsurekawa; Prof. Kishida; Prof. Usagawa, Delegates from the U of A; and Assoc. Prof. Takafuji

Presentation session held to introduce about the University of Alberta