“International Students Meet & Greet” Enjoyed by All

On February 22, during the first-ever Spring Program at Kumamoto University, high school students from around Kumamoto prefecture gathered at the 100 Year Memorial Hall on Kumamoto University’s south Kurokami campus to take part in the “International Students Meet & Greet.”


41 high school students came from 6 different schools to join the 39 international students who attended the Spring Program. The international students’ home countries included Nepal, Indonesia, China, Taiwan, Korea, Vietnam, and Thailand.


During the event, the international students first made simple self-introductions in Japanese, and then made presentations in English about their experiences with Japanese culture (namely kendo and calligraphy) and the places they visited during the Spring Program, including Yamaga, Kumamoto Castle, and Reigando. Finally, the participating students enjoyed free talking time in English. Many participating high school students reported that they “were able to have a great experience” and “enjoyed the chance to speak with foreign students”.


Kumamoto University’s Global Youth Campus project will continue to seek to provide more opportunities for the youth of Kumamoto Prefecture to experience global education and interaction with international students in the future.



English Presentations by International Students



Group Photo