Montana State University’s Associate Provost for Office of International Programs (U.S.) pays courtesy visit to President Shinji Harada and Vice President Kazuki Takashima

On October 13, 2015, President Shinji Harada and Professor Kazuki Takashima (Vice President for International Affairs) received a courtesy visit from a group of six delegates from Montana State University (U.S.). The group was led by David L. Di Maria, Ed.D., Associate Provost, Office of International Programs.


Since the conclusion of an international exchange agreement in 1987, for almost 30 years, Kumamoto University and Montana State University have maintained a close relationship, particularly focusing on student exchange programs.


The representatives of the two universities held a frank conversation on student exchange programs and the possible implementation of scholarly exchanges between researchers.


After the courtesy visit concluded in a friendly atmosphere, the delegate group also interacted with former Japanese exchange students and other Japanese students who had studied at Montana State University, aiming to share their learning experiences/outcomes in the United States and listen to their opinions on student exchange programs.


Delegates from Montana State University, President Harada, and Vice President Takashima