Four Chinese graduates of Kumamoto University pay courtesy visit to President Shinji Harada

On October 2, 2015, President Shinji Harada received a courtesy visit from a group of four Chinese graduates of Kumamoto University.


The group members consisted of Jun Wu, Ph.D. (Beckman Research Institute, City of Hope, U.S.); Yi Ding, Ph.D. (Professor, Tsinghua University, China); Luxia Liang, MD, Ph.D. (CEO, Fantastic Bioimaging Co., Ltd, China); and Daniel Wang, Ph.D. (Southport Healthway Clinic, Canada), all of whom graduated from the Graduate School of Medical Sciences or the Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences at Kumamoto University. It was their first visit to the university in about twelve years.


Representing the group, Professor Wu commented as follows at an informal conversation with the President:

“Our school days at Kumamoto University greatly helped us learn a lot of important things to create a rewarding path in life. We owe what we are now to our learning experiences at Kumamoto University. Successful Chinese graduates are not limited to us alone; many Chinese students who studied at Kumamoto University are also playing active roles at leading universities/research institutions in China and other countries throughout the world. In gratitude, we would like to help contribute to the further globalization of Kumamoto University.”


Cordially welcoming this proposal, President Harada answered, “I am sure that outstanding achievements of you four will effectively motivate current and prospective Chinese students at Kumamoto University to diligently pursue their studies. The university intends to maintain close ties with you and other foreign graduates of the university in the future.”



(from left) Jun Wu, Ph.D.; President Shinji Harada; Yi Ding, Ph.D.; Luxia Liang, MD, Ph.D.; and Daniel Wang, Ph.D.