International Cafe in Minamata


         On August 23rd 2018, “the International Café in Minamata 2018” was held in Moyai Naoshi Centre,

       Minamata City.


         This activity was organized by the Minamata International Friendship Association and Minamata City,

       to introduce the Super Global High School (SGH) programs in Minamata High School and show

                the participants the charms of Minamata.

                  This time, 17 international students from Kumamoto University joined the event.

                 By communicating with the high school students and other local people in Minamata, they deepened

              the understanding of the student’s life in Japanese high schools, the history of Minamata City and even

              the Japanese culture. Meanwhile, the students in the Minamata High School also introduced the SGH

              programs and the places of interest in Minamata including Yunoko Onsen, Fukuda Farm to the international