Kumamoto University joins Kasetsart University’s President’s Forum and 75th Anniversary Celebration in Thailand

 On February 1st, 2018, Kasetsart University invited Kumamoto University to join their President’s Forum and celebration of their 75th Anniversary. Vice President Yasumichi Matsumoto and two other Kumamoto University administrators participated.

 Kasetsart University is a national university situated in the northern part of Bangkok, Thailand, and is the country’s third oldest university. The large university is home to approximately 60,000 students and provides a comprehensive education centered around agriculture.

 Research and education efforts of each participating country were highlighted during the forum. During the following president’s meeting, a lively discussion was had about future networks in research and education.

 It is hoped that further exchanges between our two universities will be cultivated from this visit.


Kasetsart University’s 75th Anniversary Celebration


(From left) Vice President Yasumichi Matsumoto and The President of Kasetsart University


The President’s Forum