Global Youth Campus, 2015 Summer Program in English International Exchange Event

On July 29, 2015, 36 international students – participants in the 2015 Summer Program in English at Kumamoto University – joined 33 high school students from around the prefecture for an international exchange event as part of Kumamoto University’s “Global Youth Campus” project.


The international students came from Indonesia, Vietnam, Thailand, and Malaysia. The high school participants joined us from Daini High School, Aso Chuo High School, and Kamoto High School.


During the event, the 36 international students first gave short presentations based on their lectures about and experiences at Lake Ezu, Suizenji Park, Kumamoto Castle, Mt. Aso and Minamata.  In the second half of the event, the high school students and international students enjoyed free conversation regarding international culture, language, and experiences.


We are looking forward to creating more opportunities for the youth of Kumamoto Prefecture to experience global education and interaction through Kumamoto University’s Global Youth Campus.