TOEIC Score Improvement Seminar

On the 19th of March 2015, the TOEIC Score Improvement Seminar was held for the university staff. The purpose was to further improve the staff’s language ability, in order to promote globalization at the university, upon the adoption of the Top Global University Creation Support Project. Twenty-two staff members participated in the 3-hour seminar led by Mr. Hiro Maeda who has written many books related to qualification tests but mainly for TOEIC. The seminar covered strategies for tackling each test section and recent trends in TOEIC questions were explained. Ways of learning English in a broad sense and case examples of utilizing TOEIC study to improve communication abilities in English were also covered. Many participants commented that the seminar motivated them to study English and that they would like to take a TOEIC test. Many asked for another seminar to be held, and others asked for a seminar targeted at students. The seminar was therefore deemed a great success.


Lecturer: Mr.Hiro Maeda

Lecturer: Mr.Hiro Maeda