Delegates from Kumamoto University Visited Three Universities in Montana

From February 9th to February 11th, 2015, Kumamoto University delegates from the International Affairs Division, led by Mr. Fukumura, went to the United States to visit three universities in Montana. The group visited Montana State University, Carroll College, and the University of Montana, which are partnered with either Kumamoto University or Kumamoto Prefecture, for the purpose of expanding both student exchange programs and overseas training programs for university officials. In the meeting with Teresa Branch, Vice President for Student Affairs at the University of Montana, the group learned about topics such as the higher education system in American universities and current exchange activities in Montana with Japanese universities. The delegates from Kumamoto University introduced their school and spoke about topics such as the goals of the Top Global University Project. They received valuable suggestions from the consuls for promoting inter-university exchange with universities in Montana, and achieved substantial results. This visit will serve as a turning point to further advance both student and academic exchange between Kumamoto University and universities in Montana, as well as with other institutes of higher education in the United States.



Teresa Branch副学長(写真左から5番目)と熊本大学訪問団