Anhui University Attends Signing Ceremony for University-Level Exchange Agreement

On October 29, 2015, Kumamoto University concluded an inter-university academic and student exchange agreement with Anhui University (China).


The Center for Hui Studies of Anhui University and Faculty of Letters of Kumamoto University previously concluded a department-level academic exchange agreement in 2010. Now the two universities have agreed to enter into a university-level exchange agreement to expand the scope of the program. Anhui University is a national university with 20 schools. It has many notable achievements to its credit, especially in the humanities and social sciences. The two universities have already enjoyed substantial academic exchanges, including researcher exchanges and joint research in the humanities.


President Cheng Hua and three other delegates from Anhui University attended the signing ceremony. As people from both universities watched, President Cheng and President Shinji Harada signed the agreement and concluded with a firm handshake.


This agreement will help expand the exchange program to the entire university, and spark new exchanges in new fields of study.


At Signing Ceremony President Cheng and President Harada

At Signing Ceremony Parties from both universities